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Dan & Teresa Barry
Dan’s Cell: (706) 768-3341


Dan: owner and outside sales. Over 40 years in the flooring and construction business. Strong sales and management background.

Teresa: Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Owner. Over 18 years experience in the flooring business. 18 years in education. Water Damage and Microbial Remediation Technician.


Picture of Sheila May 2016

Sheila McCutcheon


Design Consultant and Showroom Manager. Personable, confident, detail-oriented. Background in furniture and cabinet design, home interiors, owner/manager of both retail and manufacturing businesses.


Picture of BM Apr 2016

Brandon Mills


Outside sales. Water Damage Technician. Strong installation and construction background. Professional, eager, experienced.


Picture of SM Apr 2016

Steven Mills

Cell:(706) 491-4894

Outside/showroom sales. Strong installation and construction background. Knowledgeable, energetic, great customer service skills.


Jared Smith


Warehouse and Installation Coordinator

Bright, energetic, customer friendly, methodical.  Attended Piedmont College.  Background in HVAC, inventory management, maintenance, mechanics, estimating and business software systems.